Elisha speaking at TechLadies

I started my career as a fresh grad entrepreneur, wanting to help people make a living with their passion. My startup journey took me through many challenges - from learning how to code when I couldn’t find a tech co-founder, testing new ideas to grow the product, to moving to Silicon Valley for mentorship.

I’ve put my heart and soul into Learnemy but it eventually failed. Then I found a job at a startup and was fired 6 months after.

Through resilience, a supportive community, and perhaps a sprinkle of dumb luck, I’m now the Developer Community Programs Manager at Facebook and founded a couple of social good projects.

At Facebook today, I support my team based in EMEA, APAC, and LATAM to drive product adoption at scale with strategic ecosystem partners. Previously, I was the Developer Programs Manager for APAC at Facebook Singapore as the founding team member for the Developer Circles program. I’ve built developer communities across Asia, managing 72 community leaders to upskill and connect 80,000 developers in the region with employment and startup opportunities.

Outside of Facebook, I work on TechLadies - a community-led initiative for women in Asia to connect, learn, and grow in the tech industry. We are now a community reaching thousands, having taught hundreds of women programming skills, and helping tens of ladies enter the industry as software engineers. I’ve also founded Average Foundation, a fund to encourage people to contribute to their community.

I love to share my learnings and to help people to reach their goals! I’ve spoken internationally at conferences such as DevRelCon London (Keynote), DevRel/Asia 2020, DeveloperWeek Austin, Campus Party, PyCon Thailand, International Women’s Day by Jobs for New South Wales (Keynote), Slush Singapore, DevRel Summit, SRECon Asia, Seedstars Summit Asia, MaGIC Academy Symposium, and RubyConf MY. I was also featured in CNBC, The Straits Times, Her World, e27, High Net Worth, and more.

I’m a Singapore Youth Award finalist 2019, recently moved to the chilly San Francisco from the sunny Singapore, and still aspire to be a standup comedian.